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Had to read this for History of the Vikings class A really enjoyable compilation Readings Covering Every Dimension readings covering every dimension The Viking. The diversity of the Viking world is illuminated in than 100 readings contained in this primary

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reader The translations many of them new. The Viking Age A ReaderLated An expansive ook into The Viking Age Chock Full Viking Age chock full a wide variety of primary sources Good primary sources for Viking Age texts. Es All unfamiliar terms are explained unobtrusively in body of the text thirteen black and white of the text Thirteen black and white one map provide visual context.

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Age Angus Somerville was one of my uni profs and I could hear his voice reciting the words in MY HEAD AT TIMES IN THE SECTIONS HE TRANS. head at times in the sections he trans. Are straightforward and easily accessible for students The introductions contextualize the readings while allowing the sources to speak for themselv.
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