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The Arcav Captains Queen (Arcav Alien Invasion, #6)I ve been entranced by this SERIES THESE DAYS IT MADE MY these days It made my I was in need of some good series to make my stay at home easierThis one was one of my favorities of the series I don t usually leave a review but I thought I should do it for this oneIn the beggining I thought I d hate Saria since Meghan was one of my favorties and suffered a lot in Saria s hands but Saria is such a complex character When ou start to understand her ou understand that her world wasn t and couldn t be black and white She needed to survive and when you need to survive ou do what ou gotta doShe is strong and need to survive ou do what ou gotta doShe is strong and As every woman written by Hope Hart which is a big thing in my opinion i m big thing in my opinion I m tired to read about frail and weak women It s was beautiful gift to come across such strong females leads So in my opinion the highlights1 Saria s background2 Her planning to take her court back3 The dragooooons babe That was a big and amazing surprise4 Bree coming along5 Roax being such a good man Loved how he was so dedicated and how he didn t step down when she presented a new challenge for them to face together What I d like to see soon enough1 What happened to Bree please I loved her character for the beginning 2 How Saria dealt with her internal problems Sure she has a long way to go to organize her court and to change their brutal ways3 I d love to see a seuel of this one Roax an Arcav Captain never wanted to be stuck protecting the female Saria The reader can see his disdain for her when he enters her locked room and can hear his blatant disrespect in the way he addresses her when he hears her in the bathroom getting sick He doesn t know her secrets and what inner torments caused her such pain She does her best to ignore him But for now what Saria wants to do is convince the Arcav King Varian to help her people on Huldra her home planet where they live in the darkness of the mountain now because of her father Her plan is to negotiate with the Dragon King make restitution for her father s waging war on them and attempt to convince him to help protect Huldra from the Grivath her father is trying to negotiate with to set up a base which she says could endanger Arcavia She asks for a ship and some Arcav to show the dragons she has the Arcav support Unfortunately Varian says no he could not provide a ship for 42 days Saria is not at all pleased and tells him if he does not provide the ship by then she will leave anyway To her dismay Varian assigns the rude Roax as her new bodyguardWatching the interaction between Roax and Saria. She wants her planet back But all he wants is her Forced to become a monster to survive her father’s cruelties Saria wants only one thing To convince the Arcav King to help her lead her people out of the darkness and into the lightShe has no intention of mating anyone Least of all Roax the bossy bodyguard who the Arcav King ordered to be her shadowAs Is entertaining with their ongoing Hostilities Will Roax Eventually See Will Roax eventually see s intentions for her people and earn her trust There is much action and intrigue in this story so grab our copy and see if they can sort everything out without bloodshed Saria and Roax play a game of cat and mouse with each other both testing and mouse with each other both testing other for weakness all the while trying to ignore the growing chemistry between themSaria has escaped her home world and is seeking an alliance with Arcavia to head back home and reclaim her throne and provide for her people Roax has been ordered by his King to be her personal bodyguard a job he both hates and secretly loves as he gets to be close to SariaI read the story in one sitting it is filled with betrayal love hate redemption forgiveness and a lot of heat While Saria and Roax first started a lot of heat While Saria and Roax first started combative they soon realize that there is a lot to the other besides their public personaOnce they let their guards down and lets the other person in things heat up in an out of the sheets Saria has had to contend with a royal court that would eat Impossible Things you up and spitou out at the first sign of weakness her entire life and Roax has to go against his need to protect and care for his woman knowing that she is able to defend herself still doesn t stop his protective instincts Thankfully there is minimal angst and these two are able to communicate as adults and get past their differences and tackle the real enemy together One of their hopeful allies is a dragon race and as they say I m all in on finding out what happens nextThere are a few typos but nothing too much to take Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you out of the scene The story moves at a nice pace without too much filler andou are than primed for what comes nextI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review 3really enjoyed this book so much and it had so much potential to be a 5 star read with depth like the battle at the end was over in 2 mins its like she couldnt be bothered to delve deeper and thats a shame cos shes already done all the ground workgotta say looking forward to reading the dragon books Dragons AND aliens What could ou ask forI absolutely ADORED this book I loved learning about Sarai s past The author did such a great job of telling the story of this monster who really had a heart of gold The romance between Roax and Saria was a slow build and not instant love which was great The story was absolutely incredible The dragons were a huge surprise All I can say is that there better be a dragon spin off with. N Arcav Captain Roax never wanted to be saddled with the spoiled and evil Lahmu ueen He’s heard than enough about her wicked ways even if her sad eyes make him itch to uncover her secretsAs their chemistry grows hotter and danger appears around every corner Roax vows to protect the broken ueen with his last breath But his ueen is hiding secrets The ki. Bree and the Dragon King Princess to ueen It s taken me a few books to get into Arcav seriesbut this bookabout Roax the princess was brill Can the Lahmu ueen win our heart I truly didn t think I was going to like this book I have put it off because I just didn t think Saria could be redeemed Boy was I wrong Overall Rating Kindle unlimited YesI have read all the Arcav books and I truly didn t think there was anyway I would feel for Saria However she and Road both snuck their way into my heart We get to learn about Saria s back story and the true horrors she had been throughThis book was great I was surprised Ms Hart was able to pull me in and make me forgive Saria Roax was just a perfect mate for her too Now I am excited to read Peyton s story If Criminal Juries in the 21st Century: Psychological Science and the Law (American Psychology-Law Society Series) you like big loving aliens strong women and an interesting story then this is right upour alley Grab this seriesbook today Can be read as a standalone but it would be better to read it as part of the series Great book Saria is the Lahmu princessueen The Males Of Arcav And males of Arcav and species believe that she is evil like her father and don t trust her Roax is ordered to be her bodyguard to protect her from others on the planet and he is not happy about the job The human females don t have any problems with her as they understand the abuse she survived by her father and his men As Roax and Saria get to know each other they begin to fall for each other What happens when she goes to reclaim her throne on her planet An interesting journey ou don t want to missI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Another winnerI love this series It just keeps getting better and better At first I wasn t interested in Sarias story but gave it a chance as I really like the characters So glad that I kept reading As usual I can t wait for the next book I m going to say it I think this is my favorite entry in the series I adore Saria and considering her start in Meghan and Methi s story that s saying something She s the definition of the misunderstood prickly heroine Roax didn t get alot of play in the earlier books so I enjoyed getting to see of him he was the perfect match for Saria Their banter is solid the chemistry was great and other was the perfect match for Saria Their banter is solid the chemistry was great and other a bit of letdown with the final battle scenes which admittedly are hard to write I really enjoyed all of thisThis is uickly moving up my list of auto checkouts It s the alien SFR series I needed to fill that Planet Blue Balls void blinks eah I know there s a dirty joke in here but Imma let it go. Nd of secrets that may just tear them apart The Arcav Captain's ueen is a full length romance with no cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA It's best enjoyed after reading the first four books in the series  Read it now  If And the Ass Saw the Angel you like hot dominant aliens kick ass heroines and steamy romanceou'll love Arcav Alien Invasion Hope Hart's new sci fi romance serie.