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Kiran (Kaatari Warriors, #1)Im a fan Boy am I a fan My first time reading this author I am in love What a fantastic read This book was awesome I laughed uite a bit I absolutely loved this book Did I mention I loved this book Ugh why can t I stumble upon these magnificent series when they have 20 books out instead of two The world building is superb The characters are also fantastic Each have their own uirks that you want to explore of Anela is going to fall hard I can t wait for Emily s story When she wakes up wowza Stephanie LoL Well Her Base well her base uick to fall Walls breached in record time but I wonder if her and Craix will STILL GET A BOOK OR WILL get a book or will just see their relationship blossom and bloom alongside the others like how it s been so far Kiran was such a sweetheart towards Cora and who doesn t love our resident alien kitty I love her to bits I love the fact that she has her as a friend and that she s intelligent Cracks me up I m so looking forward to the rest of these books So Mrs Kelly I hope this review earns Mouse lots of treats lol read this book It s fantastic Syrupy sweet and battle readyCora was just supposed to catalog discoveries on the space station Simple repetitive easy But no first contact came with a bang As in the International Space Station was taken out and now those same ships are headed for her space station She doesn t care what their battle is about she just doesn t want to be art of it But the lifeboats take off and leave her 9 other women and a handful of Marines behind Now those 2 alien species have taken their fight into the rapidly falling apart station The Marines gave their all took some suid aliens with them and now some giants are clomping about splattering the rest of the suids Yay rescue Then the helmets come off What the blue uickly collected and shuffled off the station they get ulled through when the main ship jumps Alien wars humans lost in space and now some of these guys are mentioning something about rhun and babies They better not mean what she thinks it does Spoilers aheadOk this was a little silly a little scary and a lot of fun Definitely a fluff read but enough substance it isn t ridiculously over the top syrupy Everything Is In A Super Fast Timeline From Discovery To Emotional in a super fast timeline From discovery to emotional to the background story There s a small amount of world building Just enough you aren t completely clueless but enough to back up the lot and characters And I get humans are adaptive but yeeshThey re able to rhun with every species of warrior they ve met so far And all of them are surprisingly humanoid Different colors skin Espenlaub patterns but all close enough to human to not be alarming There s other species but nothing but friendship there They all decide to go their own waysretty fast Within a week of rescue they ve all got new lives mapped out no humans sticking together for comfortThe cat alien is hysterical I like the zero f s attitude in Splendid Solution protection of Cora It. Go to space they said It’ll be an adventure they said They had no ideaCora’s boring job as a lab tech on board the space station Shangris is interrupted when two ships fall out of hyperspace andut Earth smack in the middle of an intergalactic war She’s not sure which side she should be on but the built like a brick house blue warrior who rescues her from the cr. ,

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Seems almost sentient One human rhuns to a cloaked alien and just abandons the group to go off with him No name no hi meet my friends just bye I m leaving with this mysterious guy trying to hide from everyone Sure hope he s friendly There should be something to that kind of action than a vague feeling Hooray for smart well other than the one who leaves with Mr Mysteriouso and tough women Not sure why the 1 chick decided to run back into the crumbling station and certain death but of the 9 that were rescued not a 1 was a whiner Even the crier had some backbone A Pet That Eats Enemies Is Great pet that eats enemies is great rifle is better But not worrying about the 2 is great A rifle is better But not worrying about the 2 various lanets where they could be overwhelmed by sheer numbers or other weapons or tran darts or whatever is foolhardy Was a little sad that we didn t get any culture for our various alien warriors Well other than they re warriors No ceremonies no meaningful habits no culture clashes with the humans no wooing habits just eh Not a single human had any food allergies or any kind of allergies at all to various alien furscales soaps cleansing How to Be Alone products air on variouslanets and all of them had the same gravity Not a bounce or stumble in sight They all said it was a fun read It isn t a deeply moving one but a good what I call break book for in between serious series The editing was good dialogue flowed hilariously many times and the Racial Theories In Context plot kept moving even if we don t have all the information Hmm Not bad This was a uick read with lots of action right from the beginning It caught my attention making me want to read That being said there are a few things that bothered me I felt the book should have been longer because so many things were happening and then it was uickly over and then something else totally different suddenly happened and they were all in danger again It just felt like the book skipped stuff Then at 37% Cora is having girl talk with Stephanie and Steph is like tell me about this dangerous animal you tamed and I was completely confused So I scrolled back trying to see what I missed Couldn t find anything So I just read on only for Cora to tame the animal at around 42% So either Steph canredict the future or there is an editing issue Also I thought Cora was kind of dumb She kept bringing up that maybe the warriors who saved them from the murderous Scozid are really the bad guys but only think they are good As if she didn t see the Scozid kill her own eople She drove me nuts That being said I would robably read the next one to see where the author goes with the story I did like the glimpse of the universe the author was building I would love to read about some of the interesting races she created Lame Fated insta mates and almost no Cigarette Kisses plot Short too I almost DNF at 60% but realized it would only take me an hour or two to finish so I stuck with it Look on the bright side we aren t going home anytime soon and these guys can take. Umbling station could be evil than Hannibal Lecter and she might not care Especially if he’s in to eatingeople But not in the creepy wayThe Talia’s captain ordered Kiran and his team to search the damaged station for survivors and kill any Scovid he might find The suid like humanoids were known for using rimitive races for barbaric experiments The Talia was tail.
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Care of us We won t have to make any hard decisions like where to go or how to feed ourselves The others might not be so luckyI find that concept very outdated and ancient history This wasn t the main characters oint of view but hers wasn t that much better Her roblem mostly was is he the good or the bad guy in that conflict Black and white is also not a favourable concept Being unilateral dependant is a recipe for disaster Some women might still live for that concept but not only is it mostly a relationship killer where the dependant side is the victim but it Is Also Often Used To Control The Other Person And also often used to control the other erson and up becoming an abusive relationship where the other side often gives in in fear of losing support like food A Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare place to sleep and foremost securityThis might be myersonal opinion and there might be a lot of scenarios where that works out But Organizations As Knowledge Systems phrasing it like being lucky is not acceptableEspecially having no clue about their characters cultural habits anything really Because the sex is goodI am sorry but that argumentation remembers me of women in the 50s and 60s that weren t allowed to vote or work or even breath unless a man gave his explicit consentThe other reason might be she is implying he takes care of all the decisions concerning her well being while she is a willing concubine Sigh that bookThelot threat of her looking after the animals was simply sloppy If the author at least gave it a Little Scarlet (Easy Rawlins purpose like tending to them or helping one being stuck anything but for her to be there not two seconds to let the accident happen It just makes her look silly for nothingWhy do I read sci fi Dear author have some creativity and describe the aliens you areresenting even if they are only in the background and the world building was as even if they are only in the background and the world building was as and imaginative as a sole of a shoe The main male character is blue build like a bodybuilder and hung like a horse I have not much clue of special hysical attributes or anything else muchThe other aliens are mostly described as aliens varying in weird having fur and a tail best one was other creatures or lizard like things one with six arms which of course is a street merchant not sure how imaginative and creative the author expects that to be But this is a book set in outer space starring a human that didn t know Aliens existed before and I highly doubt she would see the world through those eyes being a scientist nonethelessIn short order this is a disaster not worth reading even for the genre the book is laced in It is simply sloppy and unloved work in my opinionThey have known each other for what 3 days and he claims she has become a large art of his life I think the author is delusional claims she has become a large art of his life I think the author is delusional selling us things that aren t there The most art of that time they avoided each other because she needed time and space The only thing she has become is a large art by dominating his thoughts nothing else I had my issues as you can see. Ing this articular ship when they jumped blindly into an unknown sector of the galaxy With Ka’atari mates being as rare as a three headed givuthde he never dreamed his would be one of the survivorsThings get even complicated when another hyperspace jump an unruly alien et and Steam Heat politicians get involvedHunka hunka blue alien love actionacked steamy sci fi romance fu.