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Ound it harder to get involved in the story than in the first book I honestly think it s just about the current state of the worldThat said under different circumstances I think this would be just as fine a read as the first one Parker s characters are likable and relatable maybe most particularly the animal and alien characters I have to give her huge kudos for giving her aliens so much personality Aliens tend for me at least to come off ither very serious or very silly in movies and books but this crew is completely lovable ven the not so lovable ones And is completely lovable ven the not so lovable ones And good news is spoiler they beat the virus so that s a definite positiveDefinitely give this and the first book a read Once again great for adults or the teen crowd I really did The Shadow Reader enjoy it Looking forward to the third installmen. One on the planet and two aliens from FireWorld are hunting her to take that virus One is determined toxtract the virus without harm to Essi or Earth the other vicious and reckless plans to release the virus causing massive loss of lifeShannon mbarks on a strange and life threatening journey to once Again Save Essi Juneau And save Essi Juneau and on Earth but the stakes are ven higher this time the survival of life on a second planet RiverWorld rests on Shannon's shoulders as well Will she succeed or lose verythi. ,

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Ok so when I was asked to review this book I wasn t really sure if I would like it I ve review this book I wasn t really sure if I would like it I ve been much into Science Fiction and the Alien Child kind of got me to thinking that this is what it is about but I love animals and I loved the concept of the whale and a woman who would do anything for the beautiful creature add to it the fact that there is somewhat of a psychic connection between the two and I had to read it I m glad I did The story was very ntertaining and the characters wonderful It started with a bang and didn t stop until the very The Power Of A Choice end I reallynjoyed it a lot than I thought I would Cathy Parker is a gifted writer and she knows how to tell a story I would recommend "IT TO ANYONE WHO LIKES A BOOK THAT IS " to anyone who likes a book that is to put down This is book 2 of the Power Rising Trilogy It was. Juneau disappears trying to scape a malicious hunter Unknown and dangerous aliens follow Essi to Earth Shannon vows to save her friends and the world ven if it means sacrificing her own lifeAs the first book of the Power Rising trilogy Power of Three comes to a close Shannon Kendricks has recovered from the devastating illness that followed her battle with sinister aliens and looks forward to furthering her uest to free followed her battle with sinister aliens and looks forward to furthering her uest to free beluga whale JuneauIn this thrilling seuel Shannon has won for Juneau one day of. So much fun to read I started it and literally read it in one sitting Overall I would say this second installment from Cathy Parker is once again an asy and njoyable read There were times during the book that I didn t The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right enjoy it as much as the first one but then again there were times that I liked itven I have to admit that trying to read this during the current Coronavirus situation was a bit of a challenge and really slowed me down But that is straight up about the subject matter not because of any particular flaw with the book It s purely coincidental of course as I had the book in hand before all of the lockdowns Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling etc started But it was hard to get lost in the story when it was reflective of the real world right now and I could only read a chapter or two at a time So while I Freedom from captivity at the Dickson Research Center in Alaska Now the time for Juneau to come home has arrived But she doesn't return To complicate mattersven Shannon's former love Luke uintana arrives unexpectedly As Shannon waits for Juneau in the Underwater Complex At The Dickson An at the Dickson an of water roars through its corridors and sweeps Shannon out into the chilling Alaskan SeaAt the same time her alien friends Essi and Salesti appear unannounced on Earth Essi carries a virus that threatens very. ,

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