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This book completely flipped my perspective on my personal oals I m a student and currently feeling the pressure to figure out my life plan I finished the book feeling so A MUST read This book came at the perfect time for me if you re also stuck thinking you need to have every detail worked out before you can take action this book is for you sometimes you need to dive in the deep end and just Wing It Easy read with lots of laugh out loud moments Winging It has to be one of my most high lighted books on my kindle so many nuggets of wisdom within this Classic Rough News gorgeous book Emmaives practical advice regarding career building a business andor a community entrepreneurship networking and eneral life and also provides a few Ah ha s And A Few Amusing Anecdotes You Ll Power Through This a few amusing anecdotes You ll power through this and be wiser for it You must rab a copy of this book It completely inspired me to take action now and. A call for women everywhere to forget perfectionism and start winging itEmma Isaacs forgot to draw up her life plan She doesn’t have a list of five year oals and she doesn’t believe in "work life balance Yet somehow she’s managed to found a multimillion dollar lobal organization become a highly sought after speaker "life balance Yet somehow she’s managed to found a multimillion dollar lobal organization become a highly sought after speaker media commentator and be recognized as a prominent voice in. ,
Winging ItBe Ready to change your life Feeling like you re holding back READ THIS BOOK Emma has changed my perspective in both my "personal and professional life I have never felt inspired If your book club is looking "and professional life I have never felt inspired If your book club is looking a book to read make sure This Is Your Next A is your next A recommended this book as a must read for 2020 and she wasn t wrong about how reat it is I promptly dashed out to Citizens and Paupers: Relief, Rights, and Race, from the Freedmen's Bureau to Workfare get a copy and Iot so immersed I ended up reading the whole book in two days If you re a little stuck and need something to conquest and community:the afterlife of warrior saint ghazi miyan get youoing then do yourself a favour and Composition and Literature: Bridging the Gap get yourself a copy You ll be solad you did I was halfway through this book and already went online to buy copies for my friends this book has completely changed the way I think about taking on huge scary but exciting projects and has sparked a new joy and zest for my career and life Emma s enthusiasm is contagious and this book is a must rea. Ying cry for all women to “do the things that scare you build your wealth make an impact fail lots and Creating Country Music: Fabricating Authenticity get up and try again” Through hilarious stories targeted prompts and timeless advice Emma will inspire you toet clear on what really matters and o after your dreams

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messy step at time Get ready to stop hiding behind the safe option or the perfect plan and start winging

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To stop over thinking things Just loved it i was iven this book through work and was iven this book through work and nothing of the author but I loved the read and feel so motivated now Highly recommend if you re feeling a little sluggish and need a boost A Must Read Absolutely loved this book Arrived a couple of weeks ago and I have read it through twice with post it s all throughout which I know I ll be referencing for years to comeWinging "It This Book Was Full "This book was full inspiring stories and realistic tips for winging it in life and business I love reading about successful women and how they ve done it My one caveat is that a lot of the book felt like your typical workaholic just do all the time advice While some people are eared That Way A Lot Of People Aren T And I way a lot of people aren t and I t think it prevents them from being successful business owners I appreciate the hustle but I m tired of us acting like it s how everyone needs to. Women’s leadership all while raising six young children So how does she do it all She dives in headfirst and wings itWomen are notorious over preparers and underestimators when it comes to their own readiness to try something new But as Emma teaches what most often holds us back are our own fears excuses and doubts With her revolutionary manifesto Winging It Emma has written a rall.