Embrace Your Weird Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity (E–book)

Drink This In: Uncorking the World of Alcohol (US English) gIf misfits had a monarchy Felicia Day would be our ueenLife is so much easier when we conform and stay silent right Easier but one of thereatest disservices we can do to ourselves Aside from wearing high wasted pants This is not your Mom s pop psychology self help mass market motivational see I m OK You re OK circa 1967 This is a workable compendium of thought provoking tasks and projects designed to help you identify and uantify your creative self Anxiety means we care We are sensitive people who are full of feeling This is an amazing attribute The opposite of this is an uncaring insensitive person who doesn t feel anything A person like that would never delight in sketching lemurs or learning how to whittle their own spoons Be GLAD not to be that douche nozzle Expect humor expect wit expect useful and insightful activities and assignments expect obscure references ie chibi She Ra Mindy Kal Embrace Your Weird is a non fiction and self help manifesto encouraging creativity and told in Felicia Day s unmistakably humorous wayI say unmistakable for any of her myriad fans who have watched her HAMSTERS! A Fabulous Anthology (for Fabulous Raye) ground breaking web series The Guild or read another of her books like You re Never Weird on the Internet Her tone and sense of humor remains the sameAnd if you haven t had the chance to enjoy any of Day s other creations I encourage you toive them a try They re light hearted and fun Aside from oversharing a lot of my opinions I have filled this book with exercises designed to uncover the joy of creativity To help people beat back the fear that keeps them from trying new things pg xiOn almost every other page Day encourages readers to stop a moment and draw a picture fill out a list or write empowering messages over and over so that they ll sink in The act of reading this book is nearly a creative act in and of itself Sadly I couldn t do this because I was reading a library book Suggestion for future readers buy yourself a copy No I don t think creativity is a cure all But I do believe it could be a cure most pg 29Besides reminding readers that we have uniue voices and viewpoints that the world needs to hear Day loosely structures the rest of the book off of life viewed as a Shine: The Visual Economy of Light in African Diasporic Aesthetic Practice game She asks us to remember our hero self identify enemies and allies of our creativity and to view the steps we take towards creation as uestsDay also shares moments in her life when she s completed or failed attempting various pieces of this philosophy in her own life I constantly hand my heart over to strangers to batter however they wish and I wonder why I m constantly wounded all the time and this makes me reluctant to create Good way to operate NOT REALLY pg 143As I said the whole book has a definite Felicia Day vibe And it s fun Playfulness is the root of all creation All invention All discovery There is no reason NOT to feel joyous when we make things pg 206She wasn t afraid to tackle all sorts of hang ups people might have in their creative process Day nailed my biggest issue finishing projects once they re started But we will neveret anywhere if we don t focus on one thing at a time And then see that thing through before moving on pg 239Message received Now to put it into actionRecommended for anyone looking to start or jump start their creativity This book is an excellent place to begin Felicia has long been a superhero of creativity From Her Web Series The web series The to the numerous shows she created at her media company Geek Sundry to her many writing and producing projects she has always had several creative irons in the fire So it s exciting to have her devote a book to creativity itselfThe book is full "Of Engaging Exercises And Practical Techniues For " engaging exercises and practical techniues for your own uniue creative voice I found the chapter on enemies to creativity particularly useful It helps work past those obstacles internal and external that prevent us from Show Me How: Quilting: Quilting Storybook How-to-Quilt Instructions getting our ideas out Whether your medium is writing painting dancing playing an instrument or anything else this bookets at the basic force of wanting to express ourselves that underlies all creative effortsThe writing is funny and full of energy and the illustrations add to the book s fun spirit The creativity put into every page of the book may inspire you all by itselfIf you want to et better at coming up with creative ideas and be able to bring them to life you owe it to yourself to read this book How I read this Free audiobook copy received through Librofm DNF roughly 50%Okay let s face it I have been trying to finish this book since like last October I need to face up to the fact that it s oing into the DNF pileFirst of all there was nothing wrong with this book at all I think it s just not for me or at least not for me in my current stage in life it is a uirky book in life It is a uirky book the author who narrates it herself is truly fun to listen to A very cheering bubbly personality who is uite odd but still somehow impossibly easy to relate toAnyway the book is full of all sorts of tasks and exercises but the problem with me was I خداوند الموت: حسن صباح guess that I was too lazy to do those tasks and exercises xD I am sure they would have been beneficial So really if you are in a creative rut and adore uirky narrative you ll LOVE this book I am keeping my copy for sure and hopefully I ll return to it someday with the intention to finish it But that day is not today I thank the publisher and librofm foriving me a free copy of the audiobook in exchange to my honest review This has not affected my opinionBook Blog Bookstagram Bookish Twitter This review is a courtesy provided by NetGalley First of An instant New York Times bestseller In Embrace Your Weird New York Times bestselling author producer actress TV writer and award winning web series creator Felicia Day takes you on a journey to find rekindle or expand your creative passions Including Felicia’s personal stories and hard won wisdom Embra. Embrace Your Weird Face Your Fears and Unleash CreativityUt her He should be seeing her as a role model not the other way around 60 second video review here First of all if you are considering ordering this for Kindle or any other ebook reader consider a paperback copy you will thank me later If you can t bear to not have an immediate electronic copy make sure to have a notebook or copy paper handy You ll need itDespite whatever you might Girl in the Blue Coat gather from the above paragraph don t worry The uirky Felicia Day that showed up in You re Never Weird On The Internet Almost shows up andraces every page with the wit and humor she showered us with that first time Embrace Your Weird is not another memoir book as she cheerfully jumps from her life into ours Ms Day s Hunter Kiss goal Convince each one of us that we have incredible talents to share with the worldIn order to accomplish this task the author shares her own devices for victory over the mind numbing monsters that threaten to crush our creativity and force us to hide under our personal bushel baskets This book is loaded with power and here s why The person writing it is not some highly educated professor with a wall full of degrees and awards nor is it someone who has identified a niche of psychological barriers and written a well thought tome of rules and procedures to follow Ms Day shares how she worked to overcome her demons sharing her knowledge and wisdom in an entertaining manner She is encouraging and down to earth urging us to break out of our shells but cautioning us to remember that ouroals should be based on our own power and not the choices of others Sage advice indeedThe combination of the author s thoughts and writingdrawing exercises for us to complete combine to form a funamusingeducationalawesome book that by the end should have morphed from something Ms Day created to something that also contains our personal inventions and thus a part of us Growth CAN be fun Five stars Two and a half starsI decided to listen to this book on a whim I liked the cover and I m plenty weird so why not I had no idea that Felicia Day is an actress famous Doctor Sleep gamer and creator of some website that people much younger than I liked a whole lotMs Day reads the audiobook and the first thing I noticed was that she is perky Very perky Capital P Perky Ten shots of espresso perky During the course of the book Ms Day suggests that we should all refrain from negatively commenting on others creative endeavors In that spirit I will simply say that there is a level of perk that I can tolerate and that is a level far below Ms Day s pinnacle of perk Iive her points for her nerditude she makes reference to both Dr Who and Star Trek and I forgive her for never having seen Battlestar Galactica as I assume she would forgive me for having zero interest in amingI was puzzled when the book drifted into career counseling and dismayed when she suggested networking as an effective way to nurture creativity Introverts want to be creative too and We Want To Do It want to do it our own terms preferably alone in our jammies with a cat purring nearby No human contact necessary kthxbyeYou will like this book best if you are either young and perky or you liked the author s work in other creative arenas Can I please have the option of iving this book ten stars I can t begin to say enough about it And it isn t just about being a well written book it s about how to say enough about it And it isn t just about being a well written book it s about how this *Book Has Already Helped *has already helped and how much I know it will have helped next year or ten years from now I feel like I have a much better connection with my creative side and I haven t even had the chance to fully experiment or exercise with everything she has helped me Mythological Beasts Turned Me Gay: Three Book Collection: (Mythology Erotica) get in touch with oret started I took my time reading this book simply because I wanted to be sure I had plenty of time for its contents to seep in and make roots in my brain That was difficult at times though because I enjoyed the experience SO much I will still make it a point to come back and read this every so often if not every time I m feeling depressed or anxious or uncreative then at least every year or so I just can t express how happy I am that I read this I have a long way to This All Encompassing Trip: Chasing Pearl Jam Around The World go before I can really take advantage of everything it has to offer but I am on my way Thank you Felicia Day Audiobook ReviewOverall 4 starsPerformance 5 starsStoryContent 3 35 starsI have never really read or listened to a self help book before but was intrigued by the blurb and premise Who doesn t want to face their fears and unleash their creativity The book was structured a bit differently than I thought it would be and Embrace Your Weird is of a workbook with interactive components to helpuide readers and listeners along For the audiobook there is a companion PDF that includes the various exercises and tasks that the author asks listenersreaders to complete I liked the overall positivity of the book but I enjoyed the author s anecdotes and hilariously relatable personal experiences best The author is clearly a Scouts gifted storyteller and writer and though the book wasn t uite for me please note that I only tried a few of the exercises I think many others will find it very helpful and encouraging I voluntarily listened to an audiobook listening copy of this book Many thanks to Librofm and Simon Schuster Audio This book is chock full of exercises to help the reader understand their true selves and increase their creativity I didn t actually do the exercises in this book I love Felicia Day andave her previous book 5 stars so I picked this up I do think this is well written and would be helpful for people trying to create thing. S to cultivate a creative community Space to explore and et your neurons firing Whether you enjoy writing baking painting podcasting playing music or have yet to uncover your favorite creative outlet Embrace Your Weird will help you unlock the power of self expression Get motivated Get creative Get weir.


Ll if you notice that I m writing this review in a casualconversational style like I m talking directly to you that s what you ll et from this book Felicia Day s text is mostly like a transcript of her cheering you on and iving you personal uidance for finding direction with your creative ambitions If you The Complete Idiot's Guide to Detoxing Your Body get the audio book I m sure you ll be in for a treat Yes audio books are reading You can add it to your GoodReads Yearly ChallengeNext it s also a book you can breeze through at first toet that first layer of absorption then Silver in the Wood go back and do the weird exercises at the end of each section that s pertinent to your creative output or desire There are illustrations where youet to fill in things or blank pages to doodle You are instructed to scribble and draw all over these pages which means the hard copy version might be the best version to have Otherwise have a notebook ready I uess you can take screenshots of the illustrations and print those so you can fill them outWhile this is a self help book it s probably the most cheery fun and dare I say frivolous in a ood way It makes you embrace your childlike self to build up what Day calls the Hero Self She s had a lifetime of therapy I uess to know how this stuff works There is also a list at the back of other books she references and uses herself including Marie Kondo My shoulders shrug a little in a cringe as I type that I hold on to precious things and as long as I m not at a dangerous level and take time one to two times a year to purge crap I m okay with my choicesI said frivolous because it s how our culture in the US anyway sees artists and sees the actions of playtime When I take Gus out on his daily walk it s mostly for him because he loves it but it became for me too I started to write about our walks Then I embellished them with pure nonsense like monsters and mysteries to solve Taking a cat for a walk is playtime but it s also my own inspiration for writing three years worth of weekly posts I have a friend who dances around as she does housework because it simultaneously makes her happy to move her body and she can feel accomplished that crap ot done Play is vital It s an embarrassment that adults in working environments are uelled from doing it Sure Bryce in IT you can have ten different toys on your desk from ThinkGeek but you can t actually be silly That would be a disgraceDay not only ives you permission to make mistakes she encourages it She also reminds the reader that being an artist is hard work Hard work doesn t mean you don t love your output whether this is your job or just for you or a hobby Embrace Your Weird acts as a tool where you can have your own imaginary cheerleader parental figure who is proud of you role model and friend at your disposal Day tells us that being creative is our natural state Isn t that "Wonderful To KnowThe Reason Marie Kondo And " to knowThe reason Marie Kondo and purging into minimalism lifestyle comes up is because having too much clutter and chaos in your environment can stifle creativity Doesn t it make you sad and depressed to see dirty dishes or a closet filled with clothes you can t fit into any She says to et rid of it I may say I worked too damn hard on that costume to part with it but I ll put it in a neat and tidy bin on a shelfDay also ets into how the mind tends to work in a state of anxiety She does say anxiety could be useful but I think the dividing difference is that excitement for a project is not the same thing as anxiety disorder I m not a doctor but I think I can speak m not a doctor but I think I can speak my own experience I will die on the hill that writer s block which includes all critical thinking and creative thought endeavors is a real problem The advice you et about taking a walk clearing your head walk away from it and come back do something entirely different and maybe a solution will come that s all true The pressure you put on yourself can lead to anxiety but they isn t necessarily The Anxiety itself Plenty of people thrive under pressure They look forward to it I also work better with a deadline like NaNoWriMo There s something to hold me the creator responsibleAccountability does The Sorcerer's Apprentice get a small cameo in the book Day talked about when she joined aroup of women in a similar position in the acting world struggling to find the next Eagle's Gate gig They were holding each other accountable with weekly things to do invite X to lunch to network and that sort of thing If you like in personroup accountability Go For It I Prefer for it I prefer realm of online which is why Comics Experience worked well for me as I floundered through my first comic scripts Same for NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo you World War Z. La guerra mondiale degli zombi get a support system who understands what you reoing through when your spousedogmother doesn t et itAs readers work through the exercises to free their creativity they need to be resilient to criticism open to valuable feedback aware of personal limitations maybe you can t devote five hours a day to your art and remember that we are mere mortals Eventually time will run out You will either have made the thing or not made the thing We re not all Tupac putting out records every year posthumouslyDay is considerate of switching endered pronouns She also Who Is Muhammad Ali? gender swaps Hamlette in one example I m sure there are things I wouldn t notice but I can at least be honest and say this is a writer who tries She only refers to her significant other as partner She talks about her baby here and there if you re sensitive to discussions on babiesfamilies It s understandableiven her career but still unfortunate that she cares what Joss Whedon thinks abo. Ce Your Weird offers Entertaining and revelatory exercises that empower you to be fearless so you can rediscover the things that bring you joy and crack your imagination wide open Uniue techniues to vanuish enemies of creativity like anxiety fear procrastination perfectionism criticism and jealousy Tip. .