(PDF/EPUB) Axen (Vortex Alien Warriors, #1) by Arcadia Shield

Ly recommend this book if you enjoy action packed stories with a little love thrown in Let the games beginWow I love sf i love actionadvnture stories and I lo o ove sexy alien romance And I hit the trifecta with Axen Book 1 of the Vortex Alien Warriors series Axen is a gen modified Vortan rom a race of WARRIORS WHO MUST NOW SERVE THE FRAKEN THE FRAKEN who must now serve the Fraken The Fraken the alien bad guys The human emales like Eloise are supposed to be the sacrificial victims of Vortex hunters in the Fraken games translate illegal hunts to the death a gaming sport to the Frakens But Eloise is smart and brave and Axen is principled and opposed to Fraken tyranny than anyone suspects Pitted against each other Axen and Eloise do what no one expects join Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old forces against their tormentors It s suspenseful gory and hair raising not to mention very steamy and I couldn t put it down Off to Book Love and honor do battle against ancient beliefs The outcome will change the star system But only if the warriors survive Axen is theirst in a Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs four book scii adventure series Gray Bishop following the complete story of Axen and Eloise as theyight against a common enemy and lose their Hearts To Each Other to each other books in the series Lazet Thunde Blad. Because some of the other aliens love Hunting And Killing Plus There Are Millions and killing Plus there are millions side bets going on in love hunting and killing Plus there are millions of side bets going on in galaxiesEloise is rom Earth which has been mostly destroyed by nuclear weapons ighting amongst them selves She is enroute to help negotiate better trade agreements with other aliens when Fraken boarded their ship and took prisoners to ight in the gamesThe Vortex think humans are weak and don t want to ight them in the games especially the Liar females But the Fraken think it will bring in lots of money because their deaths will be very violent andastAxen goes into the game with the mindset of killing her uick and painlessly Eloise has other ideas she wants to liveThe book goes on with uite an adventure happening in the game while they try to Noir figure out how to surviveThis is theirst book I ve read Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are from this author but it won t be the last I strong. Games of the cruel alien race the Fraken Determined to survive she battles alien beasts game traps and tests Then she meets the predator sent to end her life and everything changes Axen is book 1 in the scii alien romance adventure series the Vortex Alien Warriors When an elite alien warrior suad is forced to take part in the Fraken games . the Vortex Alien Warriors When an elite alien warrior suad is forced to take part in the Fraken games . .

FREE on today 2132018 35 stars Reminded me of an aliensci i version of the Hunger Games but with a tad bit stars Reminded me of an aliensci Circumstantial Evidence fi version of the Hunger Games but with a tad bit Eloise Harper a negotiator in the Intergalatic Council was on her way to another meeting when her space ship was attacked and boarded by a lizard like species called the Franken Eloise wasamiliar with them rom dealings in the Intergalactic Council She did not like them then and det This was a book recommended by a different author I thoroughly enjoyed it It was a bit like a hunger gameAxen is a Vortex warrior sent by his elders to gameAxen is a Vortex warrior sent by his elders to in the Fraken games The games usually put the warrior against other warrior races The arena area is staged and Fraken beasts are sent out to encourage violent deaths The beasts are animals rom other planets that were then bioengineered with cybernetic parts The games are a big money maker or the Fraken. A jaded alien warrior A hopeful human An opportunity to change the star system Kill or be killed Axen's battle worn ways are tested when he enters a Fraken game and discovers a human who will change his life and the world of the Vortens orever Eloise Harper has her A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping future stolenrom her when she's ripped rom a starship and dragged into the. Axen (Vortex Alien Warriors, #1)