[Free E–pub] Locke and Keya author Ashantay Keys

War Songs lIll forever read her work now This book had me on an emotional rollercoaster The relationship between Don t at aka Locked and Keys was veryyyy toxic This story was probably one of the hardest domestic violence books I ve read yet I kept putting it down and picking it back up due to the horrible things that Locke put Keya through Locke was a total asshole and had issues The ending made me so mad but I stilloved the book ol I know I m gonna be in For A Ride When a ride when check out Part 2 of Locke and Keya s story I #Recommend This Book If You #this book if you read it without being triggered due to it being about domestic violence. Ssion will Keya take a seat on those same couches She Has Her Patients Take Comfort On Or Will She has her patients take comfort on Or will she get the courage enough to walk away. Locke and KeyaShe was smart pretty and educated She was getting abused by her bf but stayed with him She had plans to eave but changed her mind I m just trying to comprehend what she was thinking I am about to go read part two to see if she starts making better decisions Its definitely a book I would recommend Oh my God This book was good I dont know how the author came up I would recommend Oh my God This book was good I dont know how the author came up that character Locke but baby that man is in a class of his own Talking about crazy ummm no deranged Keya was a sweet smart and beautiful girl but she et sex cloud her judgment and then to top off By Sleeping With His Friend This Book Was A Trip sleeping with his friend This book was a trip Cord is not a huge enough red flag but what is is the physical mental and emotional abuse he puts her through Being in the mental health profe. ,


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CrazyThis story was crazy On one hand I felt bad for Keya and on the one hand I felt bad for Keya and on the hand it was Mises en situation professionnelle AS: Aide-soignant like she was encouraging Locke behavior I can t call her stupid because who knows what you would do in the same situation but dang I m anxious to see what happens in part 2 Locke and KeyaFirst time reading this author It was a emotional read because I don t do domestic abuse books but I can t wait to see what happens next Stay or LeaveIiked this book The main male character treated his girl Like She Was Just she was just piece of meat for his own pleasure The main female character
Made Me So Mad 
me so mad had everything going for herself. Highly educated Keya Petal’s Cucina Povera life is turned upside down when she gets involved with handsome Locke His illegal activity andong criminal re. ,