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In the wake of the WAR HIGHER EDUCATION THE SOUTH WAS AT War higher education in the South was at impasse and many historians have tended to view Southern colleges and universities of the era as an educational backwater that resisted reform As Thinking Confederates demonstrates however defeat in fact taught many Southern intellectuals that their institutions had failed to supply antebellum raduates with the skills needed to compete with the North Thus in the years following the war educators who had previously served as Confederate officers led an effort to promote academic reform throughout the region. ,

Thinking Confederates: Academia and the Idea of Progress in the New SouthFashioned a modern academic vision Drawing on private correspondence that offers telling insight into the minds of these men Frost shows that they recognized that the eradication of slavery had been necessary for Southern progress He ALSO EXPLAINS HOW THEY UPHELD AN explains how they upheld an of a New South that embraced beliefs both in the Lost Cause and in national reconciliationChallenging the view
"that the confederacy's "
the Confederacy's leaders were Too Conservative To Entertain conservative to entertain notion of progress this book offers a fresh andprovocative analysis of postbellum Southern thought and higher educatio. ,

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Dan Frost shows how inspired by the idea of progress these men set about transforming Southern higher education Recognizing the North's superiority in industry and they turned own schools from a classical orientation to a new emphasis on and engineering These educators came define the Southern idea of progress and passed it on to their students thus helping to create and perpetuate an expectation for arrival of the New SouthAlthough they espoused a reverence for the past these Civil War veterans not blindly wedded to old ideals but rather.
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