PDF READ (Home Schooling: The Right Choice : An Academic, Historical, Practical, and Legal Perspective) Author Christopher J. Klicka

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L In one of his speeches at the NICHE conference Klicka made the point that the most important job we have as parents is to raise our children to know and love Jesus In Home Schooling Klicka makes the point that we cannot expect our children to think and act like Christians if they spend their whole day five days a week in an environment that teaches them to think and act Like A Secular HumanistHome Schooling a secular humanistHome Schooling with an indictment of public schools underscoring its propositional rather than defensive nature Public schools in general are failing our children academically morally and philosophically Particularly enlightening is chapter 3 s recitation of the express goals of the founders of state education and of the professors at education colleges and the subseuent manifestation of those goalsBut all of that is just why ou should avoid public schools In Parts II and III Klicka affirmatively addresses why ou should home school Klicka notes the Biblical principles supporting home schooling the benefits of home schooling and the large number Of Influential Americans Who Were influential Americans who were schooled He also sets forth practical steps to successful home schooling providing the encouragement ou need to realize that ou can do it as well as the success home schoolers have in collegeHome Schooling goes on to recite the victories won against those with an interest in a public school monopoly The victories have come in both the legislative and judicial branches Klicka has firsthand knowledge of many of them and some of them have been truly miraculous Included in these sections is a thorough but easy to understand recitation of home schoolers rightsThe book also includes a number of helpful appendices including The Difference Between Christian Education and Humanistic Education Fifteen Reasons to Home School Your Teenagers and The Social Worker Skit How to Handle a Visit From a Social WorkerThroughout the book Klicka effectively refutes each of the criticisms directed toward home schooling Given the documented success of home schoolers versus their public and private schooled peers no one can legitimately claim academic deficiencies as a basis for opposing home schooling What about socialization The uestion is too simple What kind of socialization is preferable As a wise person once told me proper socialization comes from modeling adults not other children The public school environment is an artificial one where our children only interact with save their teacher other kids their age No other setting in society is like thatThe one criticism of the book that I can muster is Klicka s reliance on substantive due process arguments for the constitutional right to home school Substantive due process an oxymoron is the underpinning of the US Supreme Court s created right to abortion Clearly Eference shelf Home Schooling The Right Choice will remove all doubts in the mind of the reader about the effectiveness of. I ve been diving into various homeschooling books as we ve decided to homeschool our daughter in the fall This was one to homeschool our daughter in the fall This was one grabbed on a whim at the library and I have conflicting views While it was incredibly well researched and has ever statistic ou could possibly want about public schools and homeschooling it was also incredibly one sided I don t believe any parent is bad if they send their child to public school we re still considering it depending on how next The Lady of Larkspur Lotion year goes and I felt this book very strongly suggested that ifou re a Christian parent it s Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Dont Know your duty to homeschoolour child and if Photoatlas of Inclusions in Gemstones Volume 3 you don t welllll good luck whenou go to Heaven I m giving it two stars for the research and statistics but no than that because I m not a fan of making others feel bad to make them believe what I believeMore reviews wwwbrandijolittlewritescom Hard core right wing Christian look at homeschooling with loads of studies and statistics referenced The copy I read was written in 1995 so it s a little outdated but since I ve read current HSing books I know the stats are likely legit My main hangup with this book is that I have an issue with the viewpoint that any Christian parent who doesn t homeschool is considered sinful That s not for the author to decide Author is Senior Counsel for HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Assoc and works for the rights of homeschooling parents in America I was only merely leaning toward homeschooling before I read this book This book made me so much sure of my decisionwe begin homeschool in the fall Before I had children I admired parents who home schooled their children It is something that I wanted to do for my eventual at the time children but did not know if we would be able Once Hannah was born on April 8 2004 home schooling her and our future children weighed and on our minds In time my wife and I became convinced together that home schooling was the right choice for us That my wife and I had the same conviction was essential As the primary teacher my wife had to be dedicated to the decision At the same time my wife s dedication would undoubtedly waver if I did not provide the necessary supportIt was after we had made the decision to home school our children that we Attended The 2006 Network Of the 2006 Network of Christian Home Educators NICHE annual conference and heard Chris Klicka speak Klicka is Senior Counsel for the Home School Legal Defense Association We were struck by his love of the Lord his sincerity and his in depth knowledge built through personal experience of the home school movement He is an excellent inspiring speaker who has also written the excellent book Home Schooling The Right ChoiceOriginally published in 1995 and updated in 2000 Home Schooling is less a defense of home schooling than it is an argument for why ou too should home schoo. Since its original publication in 1995 this is the number one resource for home schooling that belongs on every parent's

Summary Home Schooling: The Right Choice : An Academic, Historical, Practical, and Legal Perspective

Home Schooling: The Right Choice : An Academic, Historical, Practical, and Legal Perspective