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Dressage conjugal yS shows up to her cave she magically pulls a bat out of her ass to knock him over the head with Said bat all of a sudden conveniently placed right next to cave opening But what happened to that EXTRA SHOTGUN well that shotgun was not necessary to the plot at the time so it shows up later when it becomes necessary 9 So she shows up in this cave where she s been living that only has a small entrance which has mostly been hidden by a huge boulder A chapter later all of a sudden there s a built in canvas top to unroll over the opening to keep heat in Later on we find out she heats the cave with the before forbidden fire and coals It just keeps changing as we go along 9 Her asthma is so bad that every time she freaks out or is doing anything physically exerting she HAS to use it Then in open air she opens a book and immediately has a major asthma attack Turns out that asthma is curable but her family has never been able to afford it She clearly spent a ton of money on phoneipadcomputer thingie called a TC a hoverboard and buying black market inhalers as they are obsolete If they aren t making the inhalers any that implies that the asthma cure isn t as expensive as character makes it out to be And of course turns out her father had a clearly high paying position forears before deciding to live off the land and when his wife died from same asthma does he try to get his daughter the cure No At the end of the book she gets abducted by the leader of the Raiders and he spends about 30 minutes beating the shit out of her and she has total freakout to be suspected but doesn t have an asthma attack Why ou ask Well it s because her inhaler is back in the cave and the author would have had to kill her off at an inopportune time 10 The TC device telephone ipad holographic TVcomputer thingie is paid for by minutes though every resident on the planet gets 6 hours per month The government allows everyone the ability to watch the newsfeeds outside of the 6 hour allotment in order to make sure people are alerted to emergency situations but the user can t access the emergency 911 call if they ve used their minutes Yeaaahhh that make a lot of sense BTW the chick has used all of her 6 hour allotment on an entertainment series called Space Ranger Walker which I find a very lazy idea considering Walker Texas Ranger is a show for idiots and should have no place among an Earth centuries in the future Then later on it s mentioned that the emergency function for calling 911 should work but it wasn t If she already knew that calling 911 without having the minutes to use it then why is she surprised Then later on it turns out it s broken not just out of minutes MAKE UP YOUR MIND AUTHOR 11 Her parents Throughout most of the book she misses her father tremendously Further on in the book she starts to miss her mother all of a sudden with no previous mention of her at all Father started off in the book as being a recluse who was always stock piling this cave as a means of survival should the worst happen and they needed to retreat Further on in the book he turns into a former highly paid scientist that worked for the best pharmaceutical company Later on all of a sudden there are his hidden formulas which he had secretly written and hid from his daughter in the magically appearing cave storage room though she always knew about them huh Also turns out that he was working on two specific formulas The first to be pursued was of biological warfare to cause disease to an individual Turns out they tested that without even considering to try to produce an antidote at the same time to counter effect the damages Realll smart 12 Environmental conditions At first it s warm enough to wear a strappy sundress but within an hour there s a blizzard that forces her to abandon an escape from the mountain and forces her to go back and then toward her mountain cave Author tells us that Alaska is now a desert atmosphere with really high temperatures and that areas closer to the euator suffer extremes in cold So did the total makeup of our planet including it s rotation extremes in cold So did the total makeup of our planet including it s rotation the sun change so drastically no explanation on that And completely ridiculous 13 The chick turns out to have a former fiance at one point It is said at first he dropped her like a hot potato because SHE WAS TOO TALL AND SKINNY DUDE I SERIOUSLY was too tall and skinny Dude I seriously that our culture will change that dramatically in 2 centuries Later on she claims he dropped her for another completely ridiculous notion Further from that the reason changes once again And this is not from a change resulting from introspection The author just changes it at will to fit the particular scene 14 Starts off that she lives near this mountain forest and is paid by the government to plant trees and rebuild it as it is only one of 5 on the planet and is extremely small Later on it turns out that her family owns this land So why is the government allowing her to own the mountain and better et paying her to manage and grow it 15 That s only a few of them This book is loaded with inconsistenciesCharacters "Alien names and language was not only confusing but ridiculous Zyrrgghnnnn is the name for "names and language was not only confusing but ridiculous Zyrrgghnnnn is the name for group of warriors Their nickname is Zyrgin for some reason which appears many chapters later Zgaaaachrrr is the main alien s name whose name suddenly becomes Zacar later on and his father is named Zyghrczryn What the fuck ever The use of all these z s and r s and n s becomes exhausting to read and really hard to differentiate Best of the Worst uotes of this bookComing in at 5 Regarding the diseased face of the Big Bad Leader that came from him being the test subject of chick s father s experiment of a drug that incurs disease Heroine s response No I think it s the evil in Le Druidisme au quotidien your heart taking shape onour face Uhhh no It s the result of being injected with the ability to contract any known disease see discrepancies listed above 4 Being tall and thin had been one of Andre s biggest complaints about her probably the main reason they were no longer engaged Yeah as the novel progresses she reveals other reasons as the main reason why Andre left her ass Again made up as the author wrote 3 Maybe I should move to Alaska It s always sweltering hot there no no no don t explain how the Earth shifted it s axis to make this possible 2 After many discussions and implications about her being a breeder for their species she later on says in her inner dialogue And what had Zacar meant when he called her a breeder Dude do Ravens, Tome 4: SylveLarme you not know what the words mean You ve been discussing this with him aboutou being a breeder for chapters now It only occurred to ou now to think about it 1 Licking my stomach makes me orgasm every time snark When he flicked his tongue over her stomach and hipbones again she screamed in pleasure but didn t speak Then she explodes into orgasm Oookay what the fuck everWhat to make this a drinking game Go ahead here are the rules1 Take a shot every time something which character has only ONE of then suddenly grabs her EXTRA one2 Take a shot every time she freaks out about something really insignificant in the scheme of things3 Take a shot every time they discuss her being a breeder or call her a breeder before she stops asking herself what do they mean about me being a breeder4 Take a shot every time the Raiders grow in size At first they re a local band then they become hundreds then thousands and then millions5 Take a shot at nonsensical asthma attacks and sensible asthma attacks that never take placeThe ONLY entertaining part of this book was the birth of the little warriors But I sure as hell wouldn t have paid 250 for just that scene That s the only thing that gave this book 1 starOverall this author wrote this novel out her ass as she went along She made no attempt at consistency and I feel Book Raped Spuffed Half stars are for pansies and one gif is plenty. Mmander Zacar who informs her that she will be his breeder Natalie soon realizes that these aliens worship strength So what will happen when Zacar finds out she has severe asthma. Then we only get vague oddly imprecise descriptions of the heroine and brief not fully fleshed out references to her past and present Here s an example Reading the book blurb after finishing I was surprised to hear that the heroine is apparently a botanist I think the only type of tree mentioned in the whole book is pine but it is used far often in reference to the hot pine fresh scent of her alien lovercaptor The closest activity we get to anything resembling botany or forestry is jam making The heroine lives in the Rockies and her mission in life is to plant trees to regrow the badly destroyed forest I don t think she ever mentions this dream out loud or takes any action to study plants or save the forest in the course of the story She demonstrates no knowledge expertise or skills related to botany Instead she has a greenhouse containing berry shrubs for jam making and thinks two or three times about how she would like to plant trees and regrow the forest This is just the tip of the ice berg with the weird careless writing going on in this book But bad writing I can get over if the romance is good It s not and the bar in this genre is looooow The romance is just as weird and unsatisfying I have a hard time categorizing it as a romance because the heroine is so passive and the hero so truly emotionless 1 Sad StarLook I know many of ou might have liked this book Not my caseWhere to beginSummaryNatalie is a botanist who ventures into the mountains in her daily work to protect and ensure the forest and animals prosper as they are in the brink of extintion Raiders invade cut trees make a fire eat puny birds and capture her In comes alien assassinwarrior hero saves her from evil raiders She runs like a deer frightened from both things obviously Seeks refuge in her personal cave then decides to leave again Comes back cause winter came Surpise Alien is at her doorstep she hits him and ties him up Goes on with her life afraid alien dood will do something terrible Alien eventually frees himself after eternal staring competition He looks at her silent for days she tries to communicate No such luck for our heroine Going to stop before I trip on spoilersThis read was pure agony for me The hero was cave warrior alfa which was fine He had personality than any of the characters in this storyBut the herioneOMG I just wanted her to stop reading her thoughts and conclusions And her dialogues I wanted her to dissapear PeriodShe was so irritating and dumb As I ve said in my status updates She kept asking the same uestions over and over again Even if they were answered in her same language she did not get it The first half of the book she s always like Things are explained But still she s like And goes on not understanding Anything really view spoilerExample Zacar literally tells her in english He has chosen her to be his breeder and have his babies And her response is What do Le Tricot Poche Pour les Nuls you mean byour breeder REALLY hide spoiler 35 starsteetering on 4 Tempted to re read it immediatelyNew concept in the Mars Needs Women I liked it It was kind of sad in certain aspects but I think that added to the fullness of the story Good heroine a thinker instead of a whiner or hot headHero and the other warriors were likable tooI thought it was so cute that they took turns getting hurt on purpose so Natalie would fuss over themDystopian on Earth as government structure is about to fail and because the warriors aren t there to make friends Erotica because there was some good goodlovin in this book Wooit would almost be worth it to live in a caveHFN ending I am seriously hoping the author makes this into a s UPDATEThis book keeps plaguing my recommended reads on so I had a look at the reviews which is why I bought this book in the first place I find three commonalities in all 29 of the 5 star reviews to be uite disturbing 1 They all say I loved these characters 2 They all say Storyline was really uniue 3 Most say I hope she makes this into a seriesAll of these reviews are posted in twice a day in a certain time period and there s not one mention in the book or the description that this is going to be a series So where did that come from Also "NOT A ONE OF THE 29 "a one of the 29 are Verified That s just weird and suspect Ms Dry I m just sayin Original ReviewOkay this book is just complete ridiculousness And I am a lover of the sci fisurvivaldystopian genre and have no problem with believing made up concepts not based in reality But I had problems with this book from beginning to end Expect to be entertained with this review and I ll try not to disparage any of those who loved it though I have a hard time understanding why This book is at best a great drinking game though ou d be plastered 30% throughAuthor Either suffers from short term memory loss is mentally challenged or an opportunist to steal my hard earned money with a completely awfully written book My gut reaction Me being bitch slapped by the author who then throws head back laughs maniacally calls me a sucker and then puts my 250 into her pocket and retreats laughing at my stupidity all the way to the bank I have a hard time thinking the author even re read this book but clearly she had since there were no grammatical or spelling errors It s become clear to me that she just made this up as she went alongt and didn t take any time to correct all the inconsistencies in this bookInconsistencies From the beginning 2 pages and never stopped 1 Chick is FREAKED OUT that a tiny baby bird is dying on the ground She s crying uncontrollably when a man shows up grabs her and starts hauling her away to his group She s completely surprised by the man appearing and while following him she notices that he has the baby bird on his person and it s flopping against his body as he walks So apparently this tiny baby bird is the size of a chicken 2 Upon reaching the camp of bad men she recognizes them as Raiders a traveling group of bandits and are recognizable by the fact they are wearing boots Oookay Does she freak out about this group of Raiders No she gets FREAKED OUT that they have a camp fire When fires in the 5 of the small forests remaining on the planet have been outlawed due to their possible decimation of the said forests What does she do for heat in her cave Lights a fire of course She doesn t get concerned about a gang bang rape until a lot of stereotypical Southern accents take away HER ONLY SHOTGUNWEAPON and throw her on the ground for rape 2 chapters later stereotypical Southern accents take away HER ONLY SHOTGUNWEAPON and throw her on the ground for rape 2 chapters later grabs her EXTRA SHOTGUN out of the EXTRA CAVE STOREROOM which appeared all of a sudden 3 Throughout the novel these band of Raiders started out with a group of 20 Later they turn into a group of hundreds Still later on they turn out into a group of thousands and closer to the end they turn out to be a whole world problem of millions And why these group of Raiders surprised her so as being on her mountain in the first few pages when only 2 months prior her family home had been burned to the ground by the same raiders as she watched Soooo why couldn t she wrap her head around the fact they were on her mountain as she had just seen them two months before 4 At one point the aliens cut off her ONLY PAIR OF BOOTS she had until several paragraphs later she retrieves her EXTRA PAIR OF BOOTS 5 At one point her bathing area consists of an elevated barrel with a spout Then it becomes an area that s blocked off with a screen and becomes a sophisticated shower type of deal before aliens sup it up 6 Somewhere along the 40% 50% mark it turns out she has a greenhouse full of vegetables and her baby trees though it was never mentioned before 7 In a world where most animal species are extinct and they live off of manufactured food somehow getting sugar to make jam out of mountain berries is no problem 8 During her first escape attempt when the alien that saved her from the Raider. Rocky Mountains When she is captured by human raiders a fierce alien appears and slays her attackers Natalie is now held captive in her own cave by the sexy and striking alien co. This is ok It was sweet witnessing the heroine s and hero s love blossom but there were far too many plot holesThe alien race is meant to be highly advanced but they can t seem to find a means to their problem with regards to procreating Surely clones or test tube babies would be a givenAlso they live for centuries but the hero despite being 30 ears old still hasn t had any kids since then Even though it only takes 5 earth VO2 max l'preuve du temps years for him to become an adultThen there s other plot holes which I can t get into or it ll be a spoiler but some of the dates andears don t match up andin some instances they re and advance race and in others very primitive Then there s the callous disregard to weakness Even the heroine has this when she sneers at the homeless men who became part of a gang of raiders I don t particularly like this group either It the time of a bleak future where the government systems are breaking down and the lawless terrorize the country Botanist Natalie Hanson fears for her life as I am sure anyone would She hides herself in a cave deep in the Rocky Mountains but her reprieve is short lived as she is captured by human raiders ready to take her back to their leader the truly awful and vile MurdockBut it gets worse fierce alien Zacar appears as if from no where and slays her kidnappers and then drags her off with him But sexy Zacar wants Natalie for one thing and one thing only she is to be his breeder The problem These aliens worship strength and Natalie has severe asthma and so that pretty much counts her out as the perfect candidate right This was a very well written book with really strong characters I will admit I found it unusual when the dots started connecting and I became aware that the aliens want to breed with the human race in order to form the a group of warriors who will be ready to fight anything and anyone at the drop of a command I have not come across this we will conuer the earth through means of sex idea before and as I said I found it unusual but simply because I could never have imagined itBut it totally worked perfectly The read is filled with lots of Oh no that did not just happen moments and some so remarkably well written I could feel the fear running through NatalieThe book is also filled with stunning action scenes and I mean the full on Wow now that s what I call kick ass action and not the a little drops of I kick Kanji et Kana : Manuel et lexique des 2141 caractres officiels de l'criture japonaise suivi de caractres composs formant un vocabulaire de base de plus de 12 000 mots you he hits me we fight here and there kind of action that is so very often found in paranormal books It takes a true talent to bring action romance suspense and a good plot all in line to blow the reader away am than happy to say this author nailed it all of it But don t for one minute think the action and suspense is alone there is some serious hot sex in this read pages going up in flames does not even come close to a proper description I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this read and I recommend it for all fans of paranormal readsIfou can handle hot sex and not feel as if Un Protecteur Pour Caroline (Forces Trs Spciales t. 1) your mother would keel over if she sawou reading it and if Profession Slasheur: Cumuler les jobs un mtier d'avenir you don t mind the odd crude word here and there and love a good action packed read filled with lots of good paranormal twists then this book if forou45 star review He wants her to breed his warrior army all she wants is for him to be her warrior I liked the idea of where Earth was in it s own path and then these aliens sort of happened upon us who are born conuers of worlds but they are not mindless and they assess the situation They could do as they plan when they arrive but seem to have some scruples about them I found it an entertaining read and would pick up another by this Author Spectacular sci fi romance Loved the fine mix of savagry and gentle reverance found in the alien hero of this story While brute strength was a basic reuirement to the alien race the hero s acceptance of the frailties and weaknesses of his chosen mate became of a religious devotion In many ways the hero had as many weaknesses emotionally as he had perfection physically The drama of "THE STORY ALWAYS SEEMED TO HAVE A SHARP EDGE "story always seemed to have a sharp edge it making for a practically unstoppable read The ending was somewhat awkward and the reader was not prepared for it at all Other than this this has become one of my favorite SCI FI ROMANCES ALIEN ABUDUCTION ROMANCES SHOULD BE A fi romances Alien Abuduction Romances should be a pleasure of mine but I don t feel guilty I accept the premise that the hero or heroine who has been abducted can t freak out for the entire story I just sort of go with this ridcullous because I love the class of cultures so much There is a lot of silliness along those lines in this book and some loose annoying trings like a purple alien running around who is that Sure we find out in the next book but lame But this is fun Alien Candy I like the hero and I like the heroine The Post Apoc world is contrived and we open with a typical near rape from wild lawless men but I enjoy the romance and the progression towards comprimise and I read the second book the next day So ou know I enjoy it Thanks to Kindles and Wine for the Giveaway Sometimes I get lucky 25 StarsNatalie Hanson has a whole host of problems1 The government is breaking down there s no reliable law enforcement the planet has basically been denuded of trees and animals and food and water is hard to come by2 Her house has been burnt down and all her belonging stolen and the only place she has to go is a cave in the Rocky Mountains3 There s a huge alien she has tied up in said cave and she has no idea who he is or what he wantsI m so torn about this book I fully expected to love it as I seem to love most the alien books I pick up And Alien Mine isn t just a sci fi alien romance it s also one set on a dystopian Earth which just makes it that little bit interesting But as much as I liked the setting and the idea of the book it didn t uite hit the spotThe aliens themselves were imposing warriors of the definitely not human variety with their red eyes greengold skin and ridged faces Intriguing They were also aggressive and combative and happily killed anyone who got in their way Luckily their targets were the ever increasing hoard of men who were moving across the country killing and raping as they went However despite feeling a bit of a righteous thrill that they were killing such evil men they weren t exactly lovableWhich bring us to the romance and the main issue I had with this book Zacar our alien hero didn t treat Natasha very well It wasn t even that he was keeping her captive it was his general attitude towards her It rubbed me the wrong way Not that he didn t have his gentler moments because he did and he had softened by the end of the book However I left the book with the feeling that it wasn t a grand romance where they both overcame their cultural and physical difference to be together But rather Natasha stayed as it seemed like the only viable option Where else would she go Hardly the stuff that romance is made out ofI will try the next book in the series as there were aspects I enjoyed Maybe Alien Mine is just suffering from a few "Teething Problems That You Can "problems that ou can in the first book of a series Not a very smart book Not much to offer Barely a romance There is angst es But not a whole lot of love The HEA is a huge stretch and not really happy Damn kindle salesThe hero is a blank slate expressionless and emotionless alien Protective uber alpha mates for life and mysteriously attractive to the heroine So no problems there excellent fodder for a typical romanceMy issue is with the heroineEven after reading I don t know how I would describe except in relation to things that happen to her and the few people she knows What is her personality Why should we care about her The three words that best describe her I would say character in bookliving human female or asthmatic alien captive This is very much a tell not show kind of book and even. In a bleak future where government systems are breaking down and lawless bands of men terrorize the country botanist Natalie Hanson fears for her life and hides in a cave in the. Alien Mine