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The book I was simply dumbfounded I had this false impression that the west treats its women way better than Asia The book was an eye opener Be it New Zealand or India or USA perverts will be perverts The only change is the way which ustice was served The writer practically lost her childhood to an abusive step father Her mom TOOK THE ICING OF THE CAKE CALLING HER A the icing of the cake Calling her a is a disgrace to motherhood It is the ultimate blow to any women I don t have words to praise the writer for surviving that ultimate blow Justice might give her a closure of things but can that lost innocence of childhood be brought back I don t think soThe book is simply a blow by blow account of the abuse that the writer faced To remark that the writer was bold enough to pen it down as a book is the understatement of the century How often do we see abuse survivors come out with tales of torture Only the really women who don t care about the thoroughly udgemental world even attempt to talk about itIn a literary point of view the writing was simple The writer emoted in a uniue way She didn t really explicitly mention her feelings but when you read the book you would perfectly understand her emotions of being violatedMore than how the book was written what was written really matters We have seen lots "of articles written in news papers and blogs about such rape and abuse incidents Those articles are a "articles written in news papers and blogs about such rape and abuse incidents Those articles are a of events by a person who hasn t witnessed them in first person But when we read them it sends a shiver up our spine Then imagine reading a riveting firsthand account of such events It is rather disturbing in a wayStrangely Sympathy was the only emotion I didn t feel while reading the book I wasn t sympathetic towards the writer Why should we She is the book I wasn t sympathetic towards the writer Why should we She is bold person who has survived hell You don t sympathize with such people you bow down to them and look up to them for inspirationThe writer and her book are inspiring Her way of getting over things She is WRITING a book on avenging vampires She has moved on found a husband and has children I have no ualms at all with this book like I normally do even with a 5 star rated bookVERDICT We Readers Muse look upon the writer Msuintal salute her for boldness and whole heartedly recommend her bookRATING 5 on Her’s husband and another 30 years before I was able to bring him to ustice Ironically the one person that should have protected me and helped me fight to stop him my mother is still with him to this

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ThanksI enjoyed your story I am so sorry for all you endured but glad he went to prison I wish it would have been life He he went to prison I wish it would have been life He it My prayers are with you and thank you for sharing Unspeakably evilKudos to Gladys uintal for never giving up and bringing this monster to ustice The abuse and pain physical and emotional that this animal inflicted on his two young stepchildren is unfathomable This is an extremely difficult account for the reader but the story needs to be told The author s resilience and determination in never giving up is commendable Gladys uintal is a hero in my eyes She survived and she gathered strength to tattle and keep tattling until she found a level of victory that she can use to move on in her lifeAdded to her childhood days of damnation she endured the legal SYSTEM IN HER EFFORTS TO GATHER EVIDENCE ON HER in her efforts to gather evidence on her with the help of aunts and other family victims so that her tormenting step father could be further prosecuted and legal ustice meted out My honest reviewWhat an eye opening readI give praise to the author for surviving this hell and being brave to share her story No one especially a child should have to live through this sort of life if you can call it a life Her mother should of had a spine and protected her children from this monster It is amazing to me that I mother would think it was her child s fault for this happening to her On the other hand obviously the monster has a face that only his mother and the rest of his family loves They stand by him and blame a child for everything Luckily another girl woman now was brave enough to stand up against him and together they finally take the monster down This book is written about the not only the sexual abuse but as well as the physical and mental abuse the author experienced during her childhood and the struggles she had to go through to get Geography of the Gaze: Urban and Rural Vision in Early Modern Europe justice After many years of hell she was finally able to escape the sexual abuse but still suffered knowing that the monster was able to get away with it After suffering for so many yearsustice was finally served 30 years after her escape Not only has she gotten ustice for herself but she has taken a prowling monster off the streets Thank you to the author for having the courage to share your st. After being separated from my mother twice in my 10 short years of life I was than a little excited at the prospect of being reunited with her again Unfortunately my elation was to be short lived when the. .
Ory I hope it helps others to fight for the closure they need to survive You are one strong lady It hurts to
see how much 
how much You are one strong lady It hurts to see how much is out there in the world A real eye opener Very emotional read "Mediocre Poorly written and redundancy Needs an editor It seemed all over the place and did not really "Poorly written and redundancy Needs an editor It seemed all over the place and did not really the attention to continue reading word by word Lived the experience too and felt the book needs structure to tell the story and to make points Unfortunate events are all to often happening and people do not open up to share These type books help allow one to feel not as alone An horrific true account of abuse told simply yet cuts right to the core The lack of care given to innocent children resonates deep within Gladys uintal is to be commended for her courage and dignity in telling her story Based on a true story Life After Hell is the harrowing account of the abuse and neglect this author suffered throughout her childhood The content is sometimes difficult to read purely because of the suffering she enduredThe book was written to get the message over to other abuse sufferers that there is a way out that you can move on and that ustice can be servedAfter over 30 years of struggling Gladys was finally able to see her abuser brought to One Wild Weekend justice and I hope with that fact coupled with the publication of her story she can now find peaceCopy supplied for review I cannot put into words the emotions I feel after reading this I am a mother of three and I can t imagine letting anything close to this happen to my children They are my world and I would do anything to keep them safe Reading thisust broke my heart It made me want to take young Gladys and run away with her so she would never have to experience it I applaud Gladys for writing this book It couldn t have been easy to recount the horrible things that happened in her life I m so sorry she had to experience this But I have every confidence she grew into a wonderful woman with wonderful children and she would never in a million years let her children go through this It seems no matter what country we live in the systems fail us It s so sad to know Thank you for sharing this experience Gladys Hopefully people will read this and it will open their eyes When I finished reading. Visits to my bedroom started Threatening to send me away again or turn the loaded gun he kept in my wardrobe on us all he kept my silenceIt was to be another six years until I escaped the abuse of my mot.
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