Chasing the High: A Firsthand Account of One Young Person's Experience with Substance Abuse [E–pub/E–book]

In my book Chasing The High Kyle Keegan introduces you into a world of drugs The book mainly focuses on Kyle s life and the struggles he oes through everyday The book also tells you about some of the biology behind drug addiction It tells you all the problems that book also tells you about some of the biology behind drug addiction It tells you all the problems that when you are addicted It ives the reader very ood intelectual facts and a whole new look on life Kyle starts off as a Baghdad: City of Peace, City of Blood good kid with his ownroup of friends He isn t the type of popular kid and he is not really all that athletic but he is very intelligent He comes from a ood family that has around a middle class income and treats him very well You wouldn t expect a kid like him to become an addict but that s because of stereotypes He lives an average life that you would expect as a teenager but then he ets introduced to alcohol He never expected himself to drink because he knows what it can do but he is at a party and thinks why not He then starts abusing alcohol to Elena's Conquest get rid of his problems After that he starts using marijuana and even starts mixing them This is when his life flips He starts hanging out with the popular kids because he is the plug After this happens he starts relying on drugs for everything and evenets introduced to new ones which leads him to a life of disaster This book would be Sister of My Heart good for anyone who is fascinated behind the science of addiction It would also beood for anyone who may not be King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies going down aood path in life and has drugs involved A Rescuing Gus great part about the book is how it tells other stories of people who are addicted even some famous people Anotherood thing is that the book is very vivid about drug addiction and what it can do One bad part about it is that it could be draggy at some points but overall it was a very interesting fun factual book to read and I would definitely recommend it to someone A reat book to help me begin my Capstone The book is told by Kyle Keegan a former drug addict reflecting on the past He speaks honestly about addiction describing the downward effect drugs can burden drug addict reflecting on the past He speaks honestly about addiction describing the downward effect drugs can burden with Starting as a teen with these poison is just as toxic for you mentally physically and socially Not only does this book provide his story but others as well who battled with substance abuse However Kyle s main drug was heroin and because today it is an increasing drug used by teens this information was helpful He did provide a little background on other drugs but he focused on the effect heroin had on him Overall a well written and informational book My poor friend Kyle Keegan wrote a talented book meant to help other bright kids like ourselves who were ripe for addiction Unfortunately after its publication came twenty years of addiction for Kyle including several. Kyle Keegan was like many teenagers eager to fit in at school he experimented with alcohol and drugs Soon his abuse of these substances surpassed experimentation and became a ruthless addiction to heroin that nearly destroyed his lifeNow in recovery Keegan tells his remarkable story in Chasing the High Starting with the early days of alcohol and drug use Keegan charts his decline into crime and homelessness as his need for heroin surpassed all thoughts of family and Chasing the High: A Firsthand Account of One Young Person's Experience with Substance AbuseE The title was misleading from what I was looking For Not Terrible But It Was Like An Informational Book not terrible But it was like an informational book book was very interesting The title already ives an introduction A firsthand account of one young person s experience with substance abuse I think this book is a little bit than that as it also Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story gives you somewhat of a scientific breakdown of how and why people struggle with substance and why it s near impossible to stop So the book is starts with the author Kyle explaining how he started doing less dangerous drugs during his High School days He explains how he he wanted to be in the Navy but eventually uit and returned home He was so disappointed that he started doing hardcore drugs He pretty much became an addict within a pretty short period of time Eventually itot so bad that he could only think of his next high he only think of his next high He like most people who are addicts he needed drugs just to keep living every day He explains that the though of becoming sober was so far out of reach I can t How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead give away the ending but it is a story that you will never forget I would totally recommend this book to anyone who just wants an interesting read I would also recommend it to anyone who wants to learn a bit of basic information on the effects of drugs on your brain and your body Anyone who likes science biology etc would like this book I liked the way it ties science and a comeback story into oneood book The only think I disliked about this book was probably the amount of time the author spent on his days before he was a drug addict I overall liked this book a lot and thought it was very interesting It was a really ood book I liked how it explained all of their stories One story was ABOUT THIS 17 YEAR OLD GIRL this 17 year old irl to hear voices in her head that urged her to commit acts of violence to herself After she went to the doctors they diagnosed her with something called schizoaffective disorderwhich is a blend of schizophrenia and a mood disorder She was in and out of the hospital so many times She said all that she wanted was to feel better she said that she knew the medicines that they were iving her weren t helping but everyone would tell her that if she took the medicine she would feel so much better The voices just mocked her and the doctors she said Then she started doing cocainecocaine helped her ignore the voices in her head As long as she was high she had enough strength to ignore those voices calling her back into that crazy world She stopped taking cocaineand broke her addictionfor the voices the doctors ave her some other medicine to help et rid of them with out all the harmful affects that would be caused by cocaineI LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH It was very inspirational. Hich are used to combat addiction how to talk to families and friends about substance abuse and how to navigate risky situations Both an absorbing memoir and a useful resource for young peoplePart of the Adolescent Mental Health Initiative series of books written specifically for teens and young adults Chasing the High offers hope to young people who are struggling with substance abuse helping them to overcome its challenges and to o on to lead healthy productive liv.

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Prison terms years homeless and the introduction of crystal meth into his chemical world when he relocated to Louisiana from upstate New York State I remember sending him 50 from my prison cell where I was doing a dime thanks to heroin addiction The work my prison cell where I was doing a dime thanks to heroin addiction The work two things how talented and smart Kyle Keegan is and how powerful narcotics are Despite the happy end printed in the book I don t know how the story really ends to this day I personally really liked it I have never been in a situation like his and i appreciate that he is brave enough to share it with people like himi really recommend for people ages 11 himI really recommend for people ages 11 because that is kind of the ages one would start feeling madsaddepressed ect The book Chasing the High is about how Kyle Keegan became a drug addict He started as a normal teenager who just wan Kyle Keegan has created an oddly amazing happy book written about his horrible past with drug abuse The story is very sad except for the fact he made it very uplifting and inspiring rather than sad and Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi gloomy In the book he talks about how heets over his drug problem recovery and diseases that come with it Kyle starts off talking about being a teen experimenting with all different types of drugs then his whole life struggling with drug abuse and After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 getting help I would recommend this book to anybody that enjoys learning about drugs drug abuse or biographies What I liked about the book is how its written positively reflecting on how he managed rather thaniving up I really did not dislike anything about the book I read the book called Chasing The High by Kyle Keegan In this book you learn about a boy who went down a rough road Alien Alpha growing up He started out a boy who loved to spend time with his dad and his family and liked too outside It all started when he was around 9 years old he took a turn for the worst he started to not like to be around his family and wanted to be alone When he was near 16 he went to a local bar that didn t card you to see how old you are and he ot drunk He claimed that it took away his mental pains so he started to o there every night After he went there many times it started to wear off and he needed something stronger He went from drinking to weed and from weed he tried just about every other drug I would suggest this book to from weed he tried just about every other drug I would suggest this book to who likes to read a story with a lot of detail and to someone who also likes to read about the struggle of someone who comes over their addictions and etting their life back on track The book doesn t really o into his experience with substance abuse as much as you would think from the title It outlines and describes the basics of all kinds of addiction and has moments where it discusses his experienc. Riends of right and wrong He then oes on to use these experiences to offer uidance and practical advice to other young people who may be struggling with substance abuse In straightforward easy to understand language and along with the psychiatric expertise of Howard Moss MD Keegan discusses what is known about the neurobiology of addiction in young people how to seek treatment and how to et the most out of professional help He also covers such topics as therapies ,
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